Greek Council

The Greek Council consists of one representative from each fraternity and sorority, three unaffiliated students, and an executive board. Advised by Gwen Schimek, Assistant Dean of Students, the Greek Council serves as the governing and advisory body for Greek organizations.  


Download the Greek Council Constitution (PDF).
Download the Greek Council By-Laws (PDF). 

2013 - 2014 Executive Board

Dan Carney
Sigma Kappa Psi (ΣΚΨ, Skys) 

Vice President
Katie Allbee
Phi Omega (ΦΩ , Phi-Os)

Max Carleton
Gamma Tau Pi (ΓΤΠ, Gammas)

Community Relations
Cindy Xiong
Phi Omega (ΦΩ , Phi-Os)

Pledging Coordinator
Sedona Buttner
Delta Phi Delta (ΔΦΔ, Delphis)