• Photo of Johanna Schuster-Craig

    Johanna Schuster-Craig

    Visiting Assistant Professor of German Studies

    Teaches a wide range of classes in German as a foreign language and German cultural studies. These range from German 101 to senior seminars, including Islam in Europe, The Weimar Republic, Fairy Tales, the Holocaust, and Life under Dictatorship. Her academic interests include migration to Germany, integration politics, race/racism/whiteness after 1989, Islam in Europe, and detective fiction. Ph.D., Duke University; B.A., University of Michigan

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Emeriti Faculty

  • Photo of Charles Connell

    Charles Connell

    Professor Emeritus of German

    Taught courses in German language, history, and literature from 1968-2010. Ph.D., University of Chicago; M.A. in German and English, University of Chicago; B.A., Brown University; B.A., Universität München; B.A., Freie Universität Berlin

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