Many of our graduates have continued their study of geology in graduate school at places like the University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University, the University of New Mexico, and Arizona State University, and have started their careers with an M.S. degree. Our alumni currently work in the oil, gas and other extractive industries, state and federal agencies (including the EPA and national park service), environmental consulting firms, energy companies and water resource management firms.

According to the American Geological Institute, average starting salaries for newly-minted geology graduates in 2007 varied by degree and employment sector. The average annual salary of graduates with a bachelors degree was $31,366 (typically in entry level environmental and hydrology positions). M.S. degree holders earned a median salary of $82,500 (oil & gas) or $45,500 (environmental firms, all government positions). Doctorates in the geosciences earned an average of $72,600.

A wealth of information about careers in geology may be found at the American Geological Institute website: