Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary program that emphasizes:

  • Intersectionality, which highlights the diversity of human experience and the intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, class, sexuality, nationality, religion, and other social categories.
  • Interdisciplinarity, which features the synthesis of theoretical and methodological approaches grounded in multiple disciplines.
  • Social justice and feminist perspectives, which facilitate the investigation of power dynamics, oppression, and social change practices across historical and cultural contexts; and the integration of academic approaches, activism, and service.

Major: A minimum of nine and ½ course credits, which include:

  1. GSS 171, 270, 510 (taken twice over the course of an academic year in subsequent semesters), and 487;
  2. Six courses selected from the following, at least three of which must be at the 300 level, and which must be chosen from at least two different departments:

ANT 271 - Women's Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective

ART 264 - African American Art & Intersectionality

ART 266 - American Indian Art: Gender & the Marketplace

ART 361 - Saints & She-Devils

ART 363 - Feminist Art

BIO 108 - Sex: A Feminist Evolutionary Perspective

CLA 264 - Women in Antiquity

CLA 373 - Love & Sexuality in Greece & Rome

ECB 320 - Women, Men & Labor Market Seminar

EDU 240 - Education and Culture

ENG 325 - when topic is “Women Writers in the Age of Shakespeare” or focuses on a particular woman writer

ENG 332 - Queering the Restoration

ENG 335 - Virginia Woolf

ENG 351 - Studies in African-American Literature

ENG 370 - AIDS Literature, Film, & Social Theory

ENG 372 - Film & Criticism- when the topic is “Women Directors”

FRE 254 - Francophone Women in Translation

FRE 353  Race & Immigration in French Film

FRE 354 - Sporting Identities

HIS 319 - Women in Medieval Europe

HIS 320 - Persecution, Tolerance, & Minorities in the Middle Ages

HIS 336 - Topic: Women in the Renaissance & Reformation

HIS 354 - United States Social History Since 1940

HIS 358 - Work & Leisure in Modern America

KIN 258 - Topic: Women & Sport

MUS 263 - Women & Music

PHI 352 - Philosophy of Feminism

POL 330 - Women & Politics: A Cross-National Perspective

POL 331 - Gender & Development

POL 361 - Race, Sex, & the Constitution

PSY 374 - Psychology of Women & Gender

REL 359 - Issue in Christianity Today: Feminist Theology

SOC 246 - Gender Diversity

SOC 273 - Families & Family Policy

SOC 317 - Reproductive Practices, Reproductive Policies

SOC 343 - Women: Oppressions & Resistances

SOC 351 - Sociology of the Body

SOC 365 - Sexualities

SOC 366 - Gender Differences & Inequalities

SOC 367 - Self and Identity

Similar courses, if approved in advance in by the Gender Studies program, may also be chosen as electives.

  1. One experiential learning component.

Each student will develop a brief rationale for her or his program of study, which will be approved by the major advisor and a secondary program advisor from a second division of the college. In consultation with these advisors, the student will also: (a) select courses and/or contexts in which she or he will acquire the theoretical and methodological skills to complete a capstone project, and (b) indicate how the proposed course of study provides intersectional, global, and historical perspectives relevant to the study of women, gender, and sexuality.

Minor: A minimum of five and ½ course credits which include:

  1. GSS 171, 270, 510 (taken twice over the course of an academic year in subsequent semesters);
  2. Three additional courses selected from Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies courses or other departmental courses approved for Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies credit (see list above).  Two of these three additional courses may not be counted toward a major in another department or program. At least two courses must be at the 300 level.