There's no better way to learn French than to travel to places where French is spoken. Our One Course At A Time calendar allows us to offer block-long courses to Francophone destinations such Aix-en-Provence, Martinique, and Morocco without affecting other coursework. For longer adventures, we have established relationships with other programs for study in France or other parts of the French-speaking world. 

Intermediate French and Advanced Conversation Abroad

We sponsor block-long study abroad courses every other year, led by a faculty member from our department. Learn more about our recent courses by visiting the links below.

Semesters in France

Cornell's French program maintains relationships with two long-established, semester-long programs in Paris, directed by Lake Forest College and Central College, respectively. Both programs include intensive language instruction and internships.

School For International Training (SIT)

Cornell College has a special relationship with the School for International Training. This allows financial aid to apply to the SIT semester abroad and SIT credit to be easily accepted. Recent Cornell students have studied in Mali (Africa), Toulouse (France), and Geneva (Switzerland).