French 101-103:
French 101-103 are designed to promote development of four basic skills in French: Speaking, Listening Comprehension, Reading, and Writing. Successful completion of the beginning-level language course sequence prepares students to function in different communicative situations within a French-speaking context and to become life-long language learners. All French language classes, from the beginning to the advanced level, aim to develop awareness and understanding of cultural phenomena in the Francophone world.

French 101: Beginning French I
French 101 is designed for true beginners in the language. Students are introduced to the standard conventions of French pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, and focus is placed on building students’ proficiency in the four basic skills of Speaking, Writing, Listening Comprehension, and Reading.  Students also acquire knowledge about where and how French is used in the world, and ways in which the French social and educational systems differ from those of American society.

French 102: Beginning French I
In French 102, students build on their proficiency in the four basic skills, which are practiced in meaningful communicative contexts in the classroom. Students learn how to talk about the weather, recount and describe past actions and events, ask questions, make suggestions, express opinions and emotions, order food and drink in a restaurant, and talk about where they live.  They also learn about different provinces and regional cultures within France, rites and rituals in the Francophone world, and culinary traditions.

French 103: Beginning French III
In French 103, students build on their proficiency in the four basic skills, which are practiced in meaningful communicative contexts in the classroom. Students learn how to articulate if-then statements, how to use future verb tenses, and how to use the conditional and subjunctive moods in French. Students also learn how to talk about travel plans in the future, lodging, physical health, the environment, civic responsibilities, technology, art forms, and French media.

French 205: Intermediate French
In French 205, you will develop and refine the following skills in French: understanding and use of French grammar, expansion of practical vocabulary, speaking and listening proficiency, reading authentic cultural documents, and writing.  Classroom activities reflect the inseparable connection between language and culture and prepare students to function in a variety of culturally-authentic communicative contexts. Students learn about immigration, education, and youth culture in France, and they also do a research and oral presentation in French on a cultural topic of their choice. 

French 206: Intermediate French Abroad
This course is an option for students who wish to achieve greater fluency and an understanding of life in a Francophone country, and is taught in conjunction with FRE 302. As in FR 205, students will develop and refine their intermediate language skills, but rather than stay on campus, they will study and learn French in a French-speaking environment. Many course assignments will take place out of a traditional classroom setting, and students will be required to interact with native speakers every day. Course assignments will be tailored to the specific destination chosen, and there will be joint activities with FRE 302 students. Registration entails additional costs.  (Offered alternate years)

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