A Cornell education provides excellent value. In fact, very few families pay the full cost of a Cornell education. Many of our students benefit from our generous financial aid programs, with grants, scholarships, loans, and work study reducing their college costs to affordable levels. 

Tuition and fees for 2016-2017

Cornell's comprehensive fees for the 2016-2017 academic year are $48,800 which breaks down like this:

Residence (standard double room)
Residence (single room) $4,900
Fees $225
Total $48,800

Other costs to consider

Enrollment deposit $300
Books (estimated) $1,164
Parking permit $45
Private music lessons (per semester) $650
Personal expenses (estimated) $1,886
In-state travel allowance $1,408
Out-of-state travel allowance $1,965

Cost comparisons

Compare Cornell's comprehensive fees to peer colleges in the tables below. (Note that the data is for the 2015-16 academic year.)

2015-2016 Costs at ACM Colleges

School Tuition & Fees
Cornell College $47,400
Coe College $47,590
Beloit College $52,940
Carleton College $62,046
Colorado College $60,211
Grinnell College $58,398
Knox College $50,859
Lake Forest College $42,644
Lawrence University $52,950
Luther College $46,590
Macalester College $59,761
Monmouth $42,260
Ripon $44,692
St Olaf $52,730

2015-2016 Costs at Iowa Colleges

School Tuition & Fees
Cornell College $47,400
Central College $43,325
Simpson College $42,138
Wartburg College $46,200

2015-2016 Costs at "Colleges That Change Lives"

School Direct Costs
(Tuition, Room, Board and Fees)
Cornell College $47,400
Earlham College $53,510
Ohio Wesleyan University $56,270
Southwestern University $48,430
The College of Wooster $55,600
Denison University $58,860
Millsaps College $49,244
Hope College $39,940
Kalamazoo College $51,732
Rhodes College $53,970
Wabash College $48,940