Deadline & scheduling

After completing a Fine Arts Scholarship Application, you will also need to submit a portfolio of your work by March 1.

Portfolio guidelines

  • Must be submitted electronically via email attachments or online portfolio such as ZeeMee portfolio link
  • Photos must be submitted in JPEG format and be of high quality
  • Include 5-15 pieces of your work
  • For each work of art, include the title of the piece, medium, and dimensions
  • Although you may use the same materials in your application for a fine arts scholarship and your application for admission, guidelines for the portfolio submissions may differ. Make sure to refer to the exact guidelines established by your department of interest as well as for admission.


  • Optional
  • Will be returned after review, upon request
  • Scans of your sketchbook(s), in addition to your portfolio, are acceptable

Submitting your work

Submissions must be emailed to before midnight on March 1.