Adding Cornell Events to Outlook

Clicking the calendar icon associated with any Cornell master calendar event allows you to add the event directly to your personal Outlook calendar. The process varies somewhat depending on which browser you use.

If your experience does not match the instructions below, please make sure you have the most recent version of the browser installed. Please report any issues to the Web Content Editor.

Steps for adding an event

  1. Click the calendar icon next to an event on the Faculty/Staff Gateway, or at the bottom of the Master Calendar.
  2. The next step depends on your browser:
    1. Firefox
      You should see a pop-up labeled "Opening events.ics". Select "Open with Microsoft Outlook".
    2. Chrome
      At the bottom of your browser, you should see a new download labeled "events.ics". Click on this file.
    3. Internet Explorer
      At the bottom of your browser, you should see a pop-up asking "Do you want to open or save events.ics?"  Choose "Open". 
  3. In Outlook, you should have a new window displaying the calendar entry. Open this calendar window, select "Save and Close", and the event will be added to your calendar.