Several steps are required for licensure.

  1. Complete and hand in in the licensure application which will be provided during seminar and used to submit your data electronically to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE).  After the electronic submission, the Department of Education will obtain your folder number which is needed at the fingerprinting session.  When completing the licensure application, it is important to use a black pen and complete all sections. You must have your social security number at this time.
  2. Complete a waiver form and fingerprinting scanning information sheet prior to the fingerprinting session.  These forms will be provided during seminar.  Be intentional about providing all background information requested on the waiver form.
  3. Attend the fingerprinting session held in conjunction with Coe College and conducted by the BOEE.  Fingerprinting will take approximately 10 minutes and a schedule will be set up in advance during seminar.  The items required for the fingerprinting session are:
    1. A money order or check payable to the BOEE for $150.  $85 for licensure and $65 for the background check.  If you have a coaching licensure issued by the state of Iowa, you will only need to pay $85 for licensure.  The state does not recognize fingerprinting for other background checks such as camp counselor, other state requirements, etc.
    2. Licensure folder number
    3. Completed waiver form and fingerprint scanning information sheet
    4. Valid driver’s license or passport
    5. Recommendation will be submitted to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners after the Department of Education receives the transcript from the Registrar’s Office verifying graduation requirements have been met.
  4. Successful completion of Praxis II content and pedagogy exams is required for elementary and secondary certification.

It is highly advised that students pursue Iowa licensure in order to "lock in" coursework requirements. For example, if an elementary educator decides to return after 2015, he/she will have as many as 30 additional credits in some cases due to the program change. It is a choice, however, it needs to be fully understood there could be consequences. Candidates return to Iowa for many reasons unexpectedly.

He/she cannot be recommended for licensure without the successful completion of the two Praxis tests. If a student chooses not to take the tests, he/she cannot be recommended and will not receive licensure in Iowa.

He/she may or may not be able to apply for licensure in other states without Iowa licensure. Most states require candidates to provide a copy of the license he/she earned in the state in which he/she was prepared (Iowa requires this for candidates coming in).

 Please click here for licensure procedures.