Admission to the Teacher Education Program



  1. Application filed by December 1st of the sophomore year.
  2. An all-college GPA of 2.5.
  3. Official declaration of an education major.
  4. A positive letter of recommendation from a faculty member outside of education.
  5. Successful completion of PRAXIS™ CORE ACADEMIC SKILLS FOR EDUCATORS exams by February 1 of the sophomore year with the following minimum scores:
    Reading 156
    Writing 162
    Mathematics 150
  6. Completion of four 200 level education courses with a combined GPA of at least 2.5 by end of 2nd year.
  7. Acceptance by the full Education Department.
  8. Good standing with the Office of Student Affairs.
  9. A clean criminal record.

Conditional or full admission from the Education Department, or denial of admission.

First year students are encouraged to take the PRAXIS™ CORE ACADEMIC SKILLS FOR EDUCATORS exam in either March, April,  June or July of their first year. Sophomores must take the PRAXIS™ CORE ACADEMIC SKILLS FOR EDUCATORS exam in September, November or January.

Registration for the PRAXIS™ CORE ACADEMIC SKILLS FOR EDUCATORS exam is due approximately five weeks in advance and score reports are available 4-6 weeks after the tests are taken. The registration information can be found in the Education Center of College Hall. The registration fee is approximately $180.00 and is the responsibility of the Cornell student. For more information go to: