Interested in dabbling in business, but your heart is elsewhere? Pairing a business minor with a non-business major can signal your readiness to function within an organization. You will be able to understand and contribute to the business decisions that are made even if your primary focus is elsewhere. When you understand the economic and financial rationale for a company decision, you will be better prepared to adapt your programs and advocate for productive change.

Course Requirements

A minimum of 8 course credits, including the following core courses:

  • ECB 101
  • ECB 102
  • ECB 151
  • STA 201 (Statistical Methods I) or STA 348 (Mathematical Statistics II)
  • ECB 301 or 302
  • At least one of the following quantitative literacy courses, to be taken by Block Four of the junior year: ECB 225 or 243
  • At least one of the following capstone seminar courses: ECB 352 or 356
  • At least one elective from the following list of courses: ECB 206, 208, 210, 225, 243, 251, 311, 354, or ECB topics courses (265-275 and 365-369) as designated by the department

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