The Dimensions program is charged with providing high quality academic and experiential learning opportunities for Cornell students interested in healthcare. The information we are requesting below is vital in both tracking the success of workshops as well as planning future workshops.

This information will only be used in evaluating and planning Dimensions-sponsored workshops. Your answers are anonymous and will be sent directly to the Associate Director of Dimensions when you select "submit".

Background Information

Which workshop did you attend?

Current Class Standing:

Future Career Interests :

Workshop Evaluation

Was the information in the workshop helpful to you? Yes No

Was the information in the workshop new to you? Yes No

Was the speaker interesting? Yes No

Was the time given for the workshop adequate? Yes No
         If no, was more or less time needed?

Was the timing of the workshop good? (day of week, time in block, time of day, etc) 
Yes No
         If no, what is a good day to hold workshops?
         If no, what is a good time to hold workshops?

What is the absolute perfect time for you to attend a workshop?
Would you participate in another workshop similar to this one? Yes No

How often should workshops such as this be held during the year?

Was food an incentive for you to attend the workshop? Yes No

Were prizes an incentive for you to attend the workshop? Yes No

How did you hear about this workshop? (Check all that apply)
Direct e-mail
HPS meeting
Faculty member
Dimensions web page
Julie or Courtenay
Today @ Cornell


What are your ideas for future workshops?

What incentives draw students to workshops?

Additional Comments?

Future programs

Below are several ideas for future seminars and workshops. Please select those that are of interest to you.
Nuts and Bolts of Medicare and Medicaid
Medical School Admissions - process, essays, interviewing, choosing a program
Forensic Medicine
Aging and Health
Organ Transplantation: How Far Have We Come, How Far Should We Go?
Evidence Based Medicine
From Chemistry Lab to Clinic: Design, Testing, and Approval of Pharmaceuticals
Healthcare Careers - what's out there?
Healthcare Ethics
Future of Healthcare and Healthcare Policies
Life in Medical School - is it ER or Grey's Anatomy?
Gender Issues in Healthcare: Challenge's to Women's Health
Cultural Competence in Healthcare Settings
Management Issues in Healthcare
Why do I need a background in Statistics?
History of Medicine


Thank you for providing this information to the Dimensions program. Please contact the Associate Director if you have any questions or further comments.