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Nelson Ray Alexander '97

Cancer Research

Nashville, TN

University of Arizona

Thea Hoyer '05

Health Screening Specialist

Des Moines, IA

Seth Matthew Anderson '93

Podiatric Medicine and Surgery

St. Louis, MO

Dr. William Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine

Jason Jedlicka '90


Wayzata, MN

Pennsylvania College of Optometry

Andrea Banning '74

Branch Manager- St. John Ambulance

Surrey, BC

University of Iowa

Amanda Louise Kalen '01

Research Assistant

Iowa City, IA

Sarah Beinke '92

School Counselor

Duluth, MN

Minnesota State University

Laurence Kinsella, MD '81

Professor Saint Louis, MO

Saint Louis Univ. Medical School

Patricia Berglund '74

Physician Assistant

Boise, ID

Wichita State University

Daniel Mullin '01

Clinical Psychologist

Denver, CO

Spalding University

R. Ried Boom, MD '76

Family Practice

Manchester, IA

U of Iowa College of Medicine

Melissa Ohm '02

Geriatric Rehab

Chesterfield, MO

Washington University

Kathleen C. Braddy, MD '92

Interventional Cardiologist

Duluth, MN

U of Colorado, U of Iowa

Kendra Ostermeier '94

Research Analyst/ Statistics

Chicago, IL

Cleveland State University, Texas Christian University

Wendy S. Buresh, MD '74

Family Medicine

Cedar Rapids, IA

U of Iowa College of Medicine

Jennifer Elizabeth Peck '91

Multisystemic Therapist

Dixon, NM

New Mexico Highlands University

Renee Coleman '88

Physician Assistant

Mora, MN

Des Moines University

Jodie Jaspersen Pettinger '88

Occupational Therapist

Cedar Rapids, IA

Bindy Comito '02

Neurology Resident

Veterinary Medicine

Phoenix, AZ

Iowa State University

Darren Rausch '99


Waukesha, WI

U of Iowa College of Public Health

Vondolee Delgado-Nixon '01


Columbus, OH

Ohio State University

Mary Miller Retzer '65 Hematology/Oncology


Univ. of Iowa College of Medicine

Joseph Dougherty '96

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Morgantown, WV

University of Kansas

Carolyn P. Sauer '82

Clinical Psychologist

Placerville, CA

Forest Institute of Professional Psychology

Larry Dorr '63

Orthopedic Surgeon

Los Angeles, CA

Univ. of Iowa College of Medicine

Carrie Seeley '96

Mental Health Therapist

Aurora, CO

U of Colorado, Denver

Chris Ellerbroek, MD '77


Des Moines, IA

U of Iowa College of Medicine

Douglas Lee Smith, MD '73

Internal Medicine

Salt Lake City, UT

Indiana University

Dustin Engelkin, MD '97

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Anchorage, AK

University of Kansas School of Medicine

Sarah Titler '00

Resident Physician

Iowa City, IA

U of Iowa College of Medicine

Sara Coddington Estrick '96 Veterinarian

Libertyville, IL

Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Sarah Nichole Upmeyer '94


Waterloo, IA

Des Moines University, University of Missouri-Columbia

Sarah Evans '99

Medical Technologist

Austin, TX

Josh Urban '93

Orthopedic Surgeon

Omaha, NE

U of Nebraska Medical Center

Amanda Everhart '02

Medical Student

Chicago, IL

Northwestern University

Sandra Jean Usovsky '83

Point-of-Care Testing Coordinator

Des Moines, IA

St. Luke’s Methodist School of Medical Technology

Mindy Flanagan '96

Health Research Scientist Indianapolis, IN

University of Missouri-Columbia

Mark Van Etten '76

Medical Director/Geriatrics

Spooner, WI

U of Iowa College of Medicine

Sarah C. Frahm '98


Manhattan, KS

U of Iowa College of Dentistry

Jamie Wallace '05


Genesis Quad Cities Family Medicine Residency Program

Trisha Gehler '98

Physical Therapist

Madison, WI

University of Minnesota

Paula Weistroffer '96

Graduate Resident

Iowa City, IA

U of Iowa College of Dentistry

Brain Paul Hasley '94

Orthopedic Surgeon

Omaha, NE

U of Nebraska College of Medicine

Joni Rasmussen Young '93


Wichita, KS

University of Kansas Med

Carrie Lynne Hill '92

Regional Coordinator/Non-Profit Health Administration

St. George, UT

Ball State University, Indiana University