During the summer of 2011, Dimensions supported the following faculty/student research projects.

Synthesis of photo-reactive crystals

Students: Samantha de Gannes ’13 and Adam Jones ‘13

Supervisor: Charley Liberko, PhD

Students developed a new method of supramolecular chemistry for preparation of substances for photo reactions. The new procedure utilized more affordable/readily available substances in lieu of expensive, commercially available materials. The developments will allow Cornell to implement a significant laboratory exercise in the field of organic materials with students enrolled in the Organic Chemistry Lab.


Movements and Habitat Use of Juvenile Ornate box Turtles in Eastern Iowa

Students: Rachel Fendrich ‘13 and Angela Dugan ‘13

Supervisor: Andy McCollum, PhD

This project involved preliminary work aimed towards data collection regarding movements and habitat use of hatchling ornate box turtles. Students identified suitable transmitters for the hatchling turtles, as prior studies had utilized adult turtles, tested various methods of attaching the transmitters, and then developed a protocol regarding battery life/replacement that would facilitate data collection.


Validating a Screening Process Used to Identify Factors Affecting Antibiotic Production in a Bacterial Biocontrol Agent

Student: Brittany Barnwell ‘13

Supervisor: Brian Nowak-Thompson, PhD


Exploring Concerted Evolution in Millepore Corals

Students:  Sophie Gaynor ’12 and Ben Alleva ‘13

Supervisor: Craig Tepper, PhD

This project built upon previous studies which examine the evolutionary relationship of the two commonly found Millepores in the northern Caribbean. Previous DNA sequence analysis resulted in construction of a phylogenetic tree showing a 75% probability for the existence of two clades. The students ran experiments to determine the extent of intra and intergenomic rDNA variation in the Millepores. Preliminary results suggest little variation in rDNA sequences which would confirm the validity of their published phylogeny.