Health Professions Committee

Students are strongly encouraged to go through the Health Professions Committee before submitting their application materials.

Primary Medical School Applications

Your primary application will go to one of two centralized application services in the United States. AMCAS is the service used by all allopathic (MD conferring) medical schools and AACOMAS is the service used by all osteopathic (DO conferring) medical schools. When applying, submit your application electronically via the AMCAS and/or AACOMAS websites. 

Secondary Applications

Most schools require a secondary application in addition to the primary application. Once your primary application is received, schools that require a secondary application will contact you directly requesting a secondary application. Secondaries generally require that you respond to several additional essay questions that are generally more school- specific. There are additional processing fees associated with submission of secondary applications.  These fees usually range from $35-$100 per school.

Personal Statements/Essays

Your personal statement is your chance to shine; set yourself apart. It is essential that you demonstrate the personal qualities that will make you an excellent physician. Tell a story; do not revisit your resume. Make it informal and give the Admissions committee members a sense of who you are. Make sure that your statement is clearly written and grammatically correct. Have the Associate Director of Dimensions, professors, friends, family, the Writing Studio staff, and Career and Civic Engagement Center staff read your statement. The Dimensions Resource Center in 102 West Hall also has books with examples of essays to assist you.

Letters of Recommendation

Request "stellar" letters of recommendation. What is a "stellar" letter? A letter from someone who can attest to your maturity, ability, character, and integrity. Letters from professors and advisors will carry more weight than letters from friends or employers unless the employer can directly address your potential as a physician. Begin your search for those individuals who will be willing to write those letters as soon as you decide you truly want to become a physician. Get to know them and make sure they know you. Do not blindly send a request for recommendation to someone…let them know ahead of time so they can prepare and write a stellar letter for you!

Requesting a Letter of Recommendation 

  • Give your letter writer copies of your transcript, resume, and personal statement as well as a signed waiver form

  • Ask your letter writer "Do you feel you know me well enough to write an excellent letter of recommendation?"

  • Make sure to thank them. When you get into medical school, send them another thank you note updating them on your admission!

You may also direct your letter writers to the following resources highlighting what admission committees look for in a medical school letter of recommendation: