The Dimensions Program is committed to assisting students in having a rewarding internship, independent study, and/or job shadowing experience. It is our goal that any student who wishes to complete an internship or independent study is able to do so. Dimensions does this through the following ways:

  • By setting up job shadowing opportunities for you via a network of Cornell alumni and friends of the College.
  • By providing financial support for internship and independent study experiences that take you off the Cornell campus. Applications for these funds should be submitted as early as possible, to allow the Dimensions Operations Committee ample time to review the proposal and to allow the site to prepare for your arrival. Applications that are not received at least four weeks prior to the start of the internship or independent study experience will not be considered for funding. 

Policies & Funding Eligibility

  • Internship and independent study projects must be completed for academic credit in order to be eligible for Dimensions funding.
  • Dimensions funding is not available if you are receiving funding from other sources (e.g. Cornell Fellows, International and Off-Campus Studies, Berry Center, or wages from the site)                                                                               
  • You  must be continuously enrolled at Cornell College during your internship experience and you must enroll for at least one course after the conclusion of the internship placement.  If you withdraw from enrollment during the internship or do not subsequently enroll for at least one course following the placement, you must reimburse the Cornell Dimensions Program the full amount of the monetary expense allowance you received. *
  • A summary report (including photos taken at the site) reflecting upon the internship/independent project is due at the completion of the internship.  If you fail to submit your paper on time, you must repay a portion of your funding** to the Dimensions program within 30 days of the missed deadline.

*You have 30 days to repay the expense allowance following notification that repayment is due.  After this 30 day period, a $100 billing fee will be assessed and included with the overdue amount and then added to any unpaid balance of tuition and fees.  The expense allowance and billing fee  will be added to any unpaid balance of tuition and fees and will be subject to the regular financial collection procedures which may include financial probation possibly leading to financial suspension from Cornell College.

**The percentage of this repayment is currently being determined by the College. The website will be updated when this policy has been finalized.

Funding Amounts

Dimensions can provide funding for expenses incurred for internships and independent study projects that are related to the many fields of healthcare. These funds are available by application only on a competitive basis.  The Dimensions Operations Committee reviews applications and makes funding decisions. Expense allowances are based upon the following guidelines*: 

  • Sites within daily driving distance (approximately 60 miles) of Cornell College or your hometown: Mileage will be calculated as round trip from campus, or your home, to the site as determined by map distance and multiplied by number of trips verified by internship site. Funding is provided at the rate of $0.25/mile, up to a maximum of $200. The mileage rate is subject to change, based upon IRS ruling and Cornell College policies.
  • Sites in the Midwest, contiguous states: $Up to 500/block
  • Sites on the East and West Coasts and the Southern US: Up to $1000/block
  • International Sites:  Up to $1,500/block

*The maximum funding amounts may be increased for placements for which there is reasonable assurance that the student's work will culminate with a journal publication.  These requests must include an additional letter of recommendation from the student's Principal Investigator which addresses the likelihood of publication. 

Fund Disbursement

Students who receive Dimensions funding are required to provide the Associate Director of Dimensions with a summary report (including photos taken at the site) reflecting upon the internship/independent project.  One half of the funds will be disbursed prior to beginning the project. The other half will be disbursed upon receipt of an acceptable summary report.

To apply for internship or independent study funding support, please submit the following:

1.  Application. Please note that the budget section must include justification for your expense estimates e.g. airfare estimates from a travel website and/or airline website.

2.  A one page recommendation from your faculty sponsor addressing your preparedness for the internship/independent study, how this experience will benefit your education, and any specific personality traits that you possess that will contribute to a successful experience.

3.  A one page personal statement discussing how the internship or independent project will benefit your academic studies, future career and educational goals. Include a discussion of the relationship between your project and healthcare.

4.  A list of courses you have taken at Cornell or elsewhere that have helped prepare you for this experience. Please provide a copy of your unofficial transcript and a list of all opportunities for which you have received funding from the College.

5.  A photocopy of the internship/independent study proposal form that you submitted to the Registrar’s office. This is the form that is used to attach academic credit to the internship experience. Please note that numerous signatures are required. As such, you should allow 1 - 2 weeks to obtain all of the requisite signatures.

These materials must be received by Danielle D'Ambrosio in 102 West Science at least four weeks prior to your internship. Late materials will disqualify your application.

 Selection will be based on the following criteria:  

  • Relevance of the experience to healthcare
  • Potential for success in the internship or independent study.
  • Impact on your academic experience at Cornell.
  • The quality of the application materials
  • Information obtained via letters of recommendation
  • Funding availability
  • The amount of prior Dimensions funding the student has received