When scheduling courses, keep timelines in mind. For instance, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is currently offered October, November, and February. Test enrollment is in September, October, and December.  You will need to take the GRE during your senior year, preferable in the fall,  to enroll in a physicians assistant program the following fall. Thus, you need to complete the overwhelming majority of your requirements by the end of your junior year in order to do well on the GRE and apply to schools.

Suggested course timeline, regardless of major:

Freshman Year

Take intro Biology (2), intro Chemistry (2), and introductory Psychology (1). Start job shadowing or try to work as a student sports medicine assistant in athletics.

Sophomore Year

Take abnormal psychology (1), math (2), kinesiology (2) and organic chemistry (1). Determine major(s). Summer internship/research.

Junior Year

Take physics (2), anatomy & physiology (2), and statistics (1). Summer internship/research. Get a GRE review book and start studying.

Senior Year

Finish physics lab (1), A&P, and upper level biology, psychology, and kinesiology. Apply summer and fall of senior year. Take GRE in late summer or early fall. Finish up major requirements. Complete applications and interview!


For additional information, see:

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