Dimensions is dedicated to working with each student on an individual basis to ensure they are on track to becoming a competitive applicant for graduate and professional programs in healthcare. 

Becoming a competitive applicant for graduate and professional school in the health sciences and healthcare fields requires a balance between:

  • Research experiences
  • Cocurricular involvement relevant to things you are passionate about and interested in 
  • Community service and involvement
  • High cumulative and science GPAs
  • High admission test scores
  • Required course prerequisites specific to your desired field of study

Dimensions helps students achieve this balance through:    

  • 1:1 advising with a professional, full-time pre-health advisor (the Associate Director of Dimensions)
  • Programming designed to educate students on important topics in the healthcare field, including: 
    • Healthcare careers and their roles in healthcare,
    • Centralized application protocol utilized in the admissions process of most professional health programs, and 
    • How healthcare trends and changes affect the nation's population and the work of healthcare providers 
  • Access to a network of Cornell alumni and community members in the healthcare and health sciences fields 
  • Professional school examination preparation support (MCAT, GRE, DAT, PCAT, etc)  
  • Internship and research opportunities unique to Cornell College students 
  • Job shadowing opportunities 
  • Graduate and professional school application support (the Health Professions Committee) 

The Dimensions site allows you to explore different careers in healthcare, and learn more about the preparation required to enter healthcare professions. The careers you can explore here are the most popular healthcare careers sought by Cornell College students. Is a field of interest to you excluded from our list? Contact us to learn more.