Dimensions provides support to students pursuing a wide range of interests related to healthcare. The following list represents the health-related careers most commonly sought by Cornell students, and the links lead to a great deal of specific information helpful in preparing for each field:

MCAT Exam Preparation Assistance

The Dimensions program provides assistance in preparing for the MCAT exam.  This assistance includes purchasing commercial MCAT preparation materials, a personal statement writing guide and full-length practice exams for Cornell pre-med students. 

Health Professions Committee

Cornell has created a Health Professions Committee to assist you in processing your application in a timely manner, writing you a committee letter of recommendation, and uploading your letters of recommendation into VirtualEvals (or other on-line site used by the health professions school). The committee should be utilized by all medical school applicants, and can be used by students applying to dental, veterinary, physician assistant, optometry, or other health professions programs.