Prerequisites of the Rush University Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program:

Biology – 3 credits, including
BIO 326

BIO 141 Foundations Cellular Biology
BIO 142 Foundations Organismal Biology
BIO 205 Cell and Molecular Biology
BIO 326 Microbiology

Chemistry – 4 credits

CHE 121 Chemical Principles I
CHE 122 Chemical Principles II
CHE 161 Accelerated General Chemistry


CHE 202 Analytical Chemistry
CHE 225 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 326 Organic Chemistry II
CHE 327 Organic Laboratory

Statistics – 1 credit

INT 201 Statistical Methods
INT 211 Fundamentals of Statistics

Psychology – 1 credit

General psychology course

Social Sciences – 1 credit

General social science course

Statistics or Math – 1 credit

Statistics or math course

Electives – 5 or 6 credits

Electives in any discipline

Suggested electives include BIO 315 (Genetics); CHE 334 (Biochemistry); and courses in sociology, psychology, physics, and English. Students must complete the course work with a grade point average of 2.0 or higher.

The Rush program is fully accredited; students completing the program are examined by the ASCP for registry.

During the two years at Rush the student integrates the theory of clinical medicine with the practice of clinical laboratory procedures, learning basic theory and skills in hematology, clinical chemistry, immunology, and clinical micro-biology. As seniors at Rush, the students rotate through the laboratories of Presbyterian-St. Luke's Hospital and also take courses in management and instructional design.

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