Prerequisites of the University of Iowa Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program:


BIO 141 Foundations: Cellular Biology
BIO 142 Foundations: Organismal Biology

BIO 205 Cell & Molecular Biology
BIO 326 Microbiology
BIO 327 Immunology
BIO 315 Genetics


CHE 121 Chemical Principles I
CHE 122 Chemical Principles II
CHE 161 Accelerated General Chemistry


CHE 225 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 326 Organic Chemistry II
CHE 327 Organic Laboratory


119 & 120 Calculus of a Single Variable Parts I & II


INT 201 Statistical Methods I

Courses in human anatomy and physiology, microbiology, ethics, writing, and research design and methodology are recommended. Applicants must have a minimum 2.70 grade-point average in science courses and no grade lower than a C- in all prerequisite courses.

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