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Art professor Doug Hanson's “Were One #2,” a steel and stained clay sculpture depicting the interaction between organic earth-like elements and geometric constructed human-made forms, was commissioned by Kirkwood Community College. It is his first sculpture in 20 years.

Greg Cotton, technical services librarian, is a delegate to the Online Computer Library Center’s Members Council, an advisory body of 65 librarians representing 50,000 member libraries throughout the world.

Glenn Dodd, vice president for business affairs and treasurer since 1992, is retiring June 30.

A book by psychology professor William Dragon, Understanding Research in Personal Relationships: A Text With Readings, guides students in critical reading and evaluation of research on interpersonal relationships, using historical, theoretical, and methodological contexts. Co-author is Steve Duck, University of Iowa communications professor.

Psychology professor Carol Enns chairs the International Committee for Women in the American Psychological Association’s (APA) international division, was elected to the APA’s Council for International Relations in Psychology, and serves on an APA task force charged with integrating various guidelines that focus on psychological practice with specific groups, such as gender, multicultural issues, sexual orientation, and aging.

Ben Greenstein, associate professor of geology, traveled last summer to Perth, Western Australia, with two geology students to continue work on a project investigating the effect of climate change on the disposition of reef coral communities along the Western Australian coast. The Cornell team stayed in shacks belonging to a cray fisherman.

Santhi Hejeebu, assistant professor of economics and business, lectured at Northwestern University on “The Economic Origins of British India” and spent part of her summer in archival work at the British Library in London. She also refereed a paper for the Journal of Political Economy, one of the most prestigious journals in the economics profession.

Jan Lehr, technical services assistant for Cole Library, retired in October after 27 years at Cornell.

Music professor James Martin wrote articles for Wagner News, “Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde: Its Place in Artistic and Analytical History,” and Clavier, “The Distress of an Injury.” The latter details his struggles with focal dystonia, a neuromuscular condition in his right wrist and hand that has affected his piano playing.

Professor emeritus of history Richard Thomas was recognized for Outstanding Achievement in Historic Preservation by the American Heritage Committee of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Former men’s basketball coach Ed Timm (1989–93, 1996–2004) is the head boys’ basketball coach at Tipton (Iowa) High School.

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