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Jim Brown has been named to a new position as special assistant to the president. He will coordinate the development and implementation of program initiatives originating in the president’s office, organize and oversee the process for procuring and administering outside grants, and assist in providing leadership for the college’s strategic planning process. Previously he was associate dean of the college and registrar.

Ann Cannon, associate professor of mathematics, is a member of the Statistics in the Liberal Arts Workshop, an elite group of less than a dozen liberal arts statisticians (representing schools such as Grinnell, Oberlin, Mount Holyoke, and Bowdoin) embarking on projects to further statistics education, specifically in the liberal arts. Last fall she helped lead a working group of liberal arts and research university statisticians trying to increase the number of liberal arts students attending graduate school in statistics and the number of statistics PhDs pursuing liberal arts careers.

Haworth Press published psychology professor Carol Zerbe Enns’ book, Feminist Theories and Feminist Psychotherapies (2nd edition). She co-chairs a task force for the American Psychological Association that is developing guidelines for psychological practice with girls and women.

Ben Greenstein, associate professor of geology, was appointed a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia. While on sabbatical leave, he initiated a three-year research project comparing modern and Pleistocene reef coral communities from Perth to Cape Range. Cornell geology students Meredith Clayton and Dustin Waite accompanied him on a research trip to the outback coast of Western Australia to systematically survey the fossil reefs exposed at selected locations.

John Gruber-Miller, professor of classical and modern languages, created a Web site to help beginning Greek students integrate language and culture and to see the ancient Greek world through the eyes of others, such as women, slaves, non-Athenians, and non-Greeks.

Works by New York artist Karen Gunderson, a former art instructor (1968-70), were exhibited last summer at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Spain. “Black Paintings” featured sunflowers, orchids, Queen Isabella, King Philip II, and the Crucifixion, all done in black paint.

Susie Hamilton, former assistant director of residence life (2002-2004), is assistant director of outreach and events for student outreach at the Iowa State University Alumni Association.

John Harp was promoted from dean of students to vice president for student affairs.

Santhi Hejeebu, assistant professor of economics and business, contributed an article, “Trade Policy, 1800-1947,” to the Encyclopedia of India, and has accepted a book review editorship at Economic HistoryServices, the premier online community of professional economic historians.

Brian Hemphill, former assistant dean of students and director of Intercultural Life (1995-98), is vice president for student affairs at Northern Illinois University. Following Cornell he became associate dean of students at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and then dean of students and associate vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

Volleyball coach Jeff Meeker was named Iowa Conference Coach of the Year after leading the Rams to a runner-up finish in the league tournament. The Rams were 23-13 overall and 5-3 in league matches. Meeker has a three-year record of 52-47 at Cornell.

J. Kent Millington, former associate professor of economics and business (1978-1981), is executive in residence at Utah Valley State College School of Business. He is vice president of operations and vice president of Asian operations for Verio, one of the world’s largest computer hosting companies. Previously he was CEO of Internet Servers Inc.

Ann Pace Opatz ’81 was promoted to assistant dean of the college. Previously she was assistant to the dean.

Catherine Stewart, assistant professor of history, participated in the Gilder Lehrman Institute and the Council of Independent Colleges’ Joint Seminar on Slavery at Columbia University last summer. The seminar focused on the challenge of presenting scholarly interpretations of slavery within the parameters of public history.

Politics professor Rob Sutherland is planning to team-teach a course in January 2006 with Rep. Jim Leach (R-Iowa). “Principles of American and International Politics” will update the Lockean legacy in contemporary American politics and the challenges that legacy faces in a 21st-century global setting, particularly in
East Asia.

Computer science professor Leon Tabak taught short courses to high school teachers of computer science at workshops on college campuses in Cincinnati, Michigan, and Missouri, sponsored by the College Board and the Association for Computing Machinery.

Biology professor Craig Tepper received a $25,000 matching grant from the Genomics Education Fund (LiCor Biosciences) to purchase a DNA sequencer.

Jackie Lockridge Wallace ’71 was promoted from associate registrar to registrar.

Randy Ziegenhorn, former visiting faculty member in anthropology, died Oct. 22, 2004, at his farm in Eliza Township, Ill. He taught a number of Cornell courses over several years, most recently in 2002.

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