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Teaching tolerance

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Cornell has a way of influencing people and changing lives. A few people will even say it saved their lives. Eddie Moore Jr. ’89 is one of them.

Moore, a lively and warm Florida native, will gladly tell anyone just how getting out of public housing and a troubled youth in Punta Gorda and coming to small-town Iowa turned everything around for him.

“The reason I came to Cornell was my mother and my high school basketball coach, Jerry Voss ’79,” Moore says. “They had kind of a diabolical plan to get me out of my community. Even though I didn’t appreciate it at that time, it was critical.”

Moore was the first in his family to graduate from college.

“What I remember most about Cornell from my first tour of duty, so to speak, as a student, was the people who went above and beyond to help me,” said Moore. “It was a family kind of atmosphere.”

It was that family atmosphere that brought Moore back to Cornell in 1999 as assistant dean of students and director of Intercultural Life. By then, he had earned a teaching certificate and an MA in educational administration. In May he completed a PhD in social foundations of education from the University of Iowa.

In the fall of 2001 Moore became director of Intercultural Life at Central College in Pella, Iowa, where he now runs the annual, award winning White Privilege Conference he initiated at Cornell. The conference, which focuses on areas of white privilege that are not typically examined, was recognized at the Annual Friends of Iowa Civil Rights Awards Luncheon; Moore had previously earned recognition in his capacity as an educator. He also takes his infectious personality on the road to lecture on diversity through his research and consulting company, America & Moore.

So now Moore is returning the favor that Cornell did for him. These days, it’s the charismatic Moore who changes lives and influences others through his personality and message of tolerance.

Eddie Moore Jr. ’89
emerged from public housing to graduate from Cornell and earn a PhD.








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