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Alum's Best Friend Retires

  Alumni Profile  

To so many alumni, Beverly Moser is Cornell College.

As programs coordinator in the Alumni Office-where she has worked for more than 28 of her 33 years at Cornell- Bev has been the voice on the phone answering questions about alumni events, and often hers is the first smile to greet alumni when they return to campus.

"I've survived four presidents (plus several interim presidents) and six alumni directors and who knows how many student workers," she notes. "I've met so many people and made lasting friendships with a lot."

Bev will retire April 30. On May 16 on a Hawaiian beach at sunset she'll marry Clyde Perlenfein '57 of South Lake Tahoe, Calif. Their acquaintance has a familiar beginning: Bev's was the voice on the phone and the signature on the e-mail to his queries about alumni business. They will make their home in Mount Vernon, where they can welcome their new combined family of six children-including Kim Moser Zimmerman '83 and Kenneth Moser '87-and nine grandchildren. Their extended family includes Ramona Perlenfein McClatchey '61.

Success, hard work, and attention to details have been well-used terms to describe Bev's impact on alumni activities such as homecoming, Golden Alumni Weekend, area club events, and the ongoing sesquicentennial galas. She has processed more than 70,000 class letters for class agents and served as a great friend and surrogate mother to many students. In 1980 Bev was named an honorary alumna.

Beverly Moser and Clyde Perlenfein '57 are planning a wedding May 16 in Hawaii.

"She has been a great resource for our faculty also, helping them stay connected to former students," says alumni director Ruth Keefe Miller '66. "After five years in this position, I appreciate even more all Bev has done for Cornell."

Bev will be honored April 16 with a reception and dinner at Hillcrest Country Club in Mount Vernon.

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