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Several faculty and staff marked 20 or more years of service at Cornell this year. Among them are (seated, from left) Jim Wallace (25 years), athletics; Rob Sutherland (35), politics; Dick Peterson (30), sociology; Charles Connell (35), German; (standing, from left) Carol Brokel (40), faculty secretary; Ellen Whale (25), athletics; Lori Reihle (20), athletics. Not pictured: Sally Farrington-Clute (30), Spanish; Charles Vernoff, religion, Solvita Debbins, Commons staff, and Jan Lehr, Cole Library, all 25-year employees; and Tony deLaubenfels (20), computer science, math.

Cornell friends meet each summer in southern Minnesota to bike the Root River trails. Attending last summer were (front row, from left) Lilja Saarion Behr '70, B.J. Evans Hansen '70, Linda Gable Watson '70, Sue Morrow Petrosky '70, and Ruth Ann Hyser; (back row, from left) Jeff Behr, Chuck Hyser '71, Bob Hansen '70, Bob Watson '69, and Dan Petrosky. Their shirts were printed at Bob Watson's shop in Decorah, Iowa.

Matt Hicks '85 (left), Maureen Johnson '87, and Tom Hanschman '88 met up in London last fall.

Cornellians gathering at the June 2003 wedding of Lynn Luce Kitt '91 were (from left) Jennifer Mau Gemignani '91, Tony Gemignani '91, Ruben Moffett '92, John Donovan '92, Macy Matarazzo '91, Dan Singleton '92, Emma Gottwald Farrell '91, Shannon Boyle Pintz '90, David Hanses '88, and Aaron Siders '92.

Class of 1991 friends have reunited annually around the country since graduation. Pictured in Chicago in June 2003 are (from left) Kristen Tegtmeier Oertel, Jillian Ranney Knutson, Debbie Sieck, Bela Roongta Eitel, Currie Augustine Gasche, and Stacey Fishell Evans.

Rebecca Vinduska '97 was given a tour by emeritus professor Walt Stromer (left) on her visit to campus with Neil Appleby, national president of the Blinded Veterans Association in Washington, D.C., where she works.

Becky Scanlan Gozar '96 is surrounded by friends at her July 2003 wedding: (from left) Keighly Ballje Appel '97, Kate Proctor '99, Edy Legon '95, Carly Grantz Horras '96, Heather Corson Reed '96, and Tanya Corman '95.

Members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors marched in the 2003 homecoming parade. Pictured (from left) are Bobbi Buckner Bentz '01, Mark Van Etten '76, Sheila Kruse Boyce '85, Ann Parker Foote '79, Carol Busch Telling '66, Sally Larson Sargent '72, Barbara Schultz '71, Allan Ruter '76, Jalel Aossey '97, Fred Holtz '86, Gary Thompson '60, and Michael Mudlaff '88.

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