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  Text by Dawn Goodlove
Photos by Fisheye

The repository houses 4,000 catalogued mineral specimens from all over the world-Tasmania to Norway, Madagascar to Siberia-and 1,200 catalogued rock specimens, including several from recent volcanic eruptions in Hawaii and from the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington. Among the several thousand fossil specimens are many that were collected by W. H. Norton, Class of 1875, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and bear his original labels. He was Cornell's first geology professor, notes current professor Paul Garvin, seen here in the background.

Norton Geology repository

Cadaver lab, West Science Center

A cadaver lab is rare for a small college, particularly one without a nursing program, says biology professor Barbara Christie-Pope. This is the second year the lab has been available to nonmajors in the gender biology course, plus advanced courses in neurobiology, immunology, human anatomy, and physiology. The lab is air-conditioned and has an air exchange system. The cadaver is preserved by covering it with towels moistened with embalming fluid. Cornell receives a cadaver each year from the Deeded Body Program at the University of Iowa. Following Cornell's academic year, the cadaver is returned to the university for cremation and a memorial service.

Cornell supports teams in 19 intercollegiate sports, and each one has its own uniforms, equipment, and supplies that must be stored somewhere when not being worn and used by student-athletes. The Ram football team requires shelf space for 98 helmets; 95 game jerseys; 100 game pants; 94 shoulder pads; 120 pairs each of hip pads, knee pads, thigh pads, and butt pads; 100 compression shorts; 140 chin straps; 200 mouth guards; and 400 replaceable cleats for shoes, which are supplied by each player. Also in stock are 30 gallon containers of Gatorade thirst quencher and 30 quart bottles of Pedialyte electrolyte replacement solution.

Athletic equipment storage, Small Multi-Sport Center


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