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Hidden Cornell

  Text by Dawn Goodlove
Photos by Fisheye

Tower bells, King Chapel

Three bells remain of the four installed in the King Chapel tower in 1882. The fourth hangs atop College Hall, where it can be rung by pressing a button. But the King Chapel bells-weighing 2,000, 275, and 110 pounds respectively-have been silent since 1950, when a carillon assumed the music making from the tower.

Consider this the ER for chairs with broken legs and doors needing repair. The shop's equipment is the envy of any weekend handyman and includes a wood planer, table saw, miter saw, glass cutter, and a variety of hand tools, such as drills and grinders. Workers also create signs and maintain the key system for the campus.

Carpenter and locksmith shop, maintenance building

Office in heating plant

The heating plant, built in 1916, originally used coal boilers. This office space used by boiler man Bud McPhail was the chute that held coal, ready for feeding into the boilers.


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