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Hidden Cornell

  Text by Dawn Goodlove
Photos by Fisheye

Heating plant

Running 24/7 from October to mid-April, three boilers holding 1,800 gallons of water apiece provide steam heat for the majority of Cornell's campus. Steam exits the boilers at 308 degrees Fahrenheit and travels around campus through two miles of underground pipe to heat 500,000 square feet of building space, says boiler man Bud McPhail. He keeps the boilers operating, ensuring that the valves work properly and regularly testing the water for chemicals that could corrode the pipes. To discover the route of the underground pipes, just fi nd a path in the grass or over pavement where snow and ice have melted, he says.

Before the show goes on the set must go up. The set for the Lyric Theatre's winter production, The Baker's Wife, required about 1,300 man-hours to construct, paint, and decorate-in just two weeks. Set pieces are built in the scene shop, the former stage in Armstrong Hall, and then moved into attached Youngker Hall for assemblage on the Kimmel stage. Working on the set, as seen from the pinrail above the stage, are (clockwise from lower left) Libby Deaton, first-year student from Solon, Iowa; Amanda Grenzer, sophomore from Minneapolis; and Kris Longley-Postema, sophomore from St. Paul, Minn.

Set construction, Kimmel Theatre

Katrina's kitchen, President's House

Each fall, every new student is invited to the President's House with his or her orientation group to enjoy homemade pizza with the Garners. Katrina makes 20 to 25 pizzas per party, plus dessert such as an old-fashioned pound cake, brownies, or cookies. Last fall there were nine student pizza parties, and the 35 to 40 students in attendance at each were lucky enough to take home leftovers. The kitchen's side-by-side commercial convection ovens enable Katrina to cook six pizzas at a time. Co-owner of a catering business before she became a college president's spouse, Katrina plans the menus for all events at the President's House, including receptions and dinners. She often prepares the desserts for these events, an activity she especially enjoys.


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