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Faculty scholarship
grows with McConnell Fellowship

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Sociology professor Dick Peterson says it allowed him to "live out a dream." Art professor Doug Hanson says he had the best year of his long career at Cornell because of it. Barbara Christie-Pope says it furthered her research on Parkinson's disease.

There are other stories. All are from faculty who received a Campbell R. McConnell Endowed Fellowship.

Campbell McConnell '50 and Marilyn McConnell

Eighteen full-time faculty members have received funds-most at the $5,000 level-to support their scholarly projects since Campbell McConnell '50 and his wife, Marilyn, gave $1 million to establish the endowment in 1996. The fellowships are competitive, based on proposals faculty submit. As an economics professor for 37 years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, McConnell knows the importance of funding faculty research, creative activity, and curriculum development.

"The heart and soul of any college or university is the quality and stability of its faculty," says McConnell, author of an economics textbook that is used worldwide. "Bricks and mortar and equipment are all necessary, but the important thing in the long run is to have a competent, quality faculty that is stable so you're not losing good people."

At the most recent Cornell Board of Trustees meeting, President Les Garner gave an update on the McConnell Fellowships, noting that they "inspire our faculty to do more and better things, which is at the heart of what the Cornell experience is."

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