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It's Love, Later

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Jennifer Ascher ’93 (holding Elinor) and Larry Handlin ’93 (holding Beatrice) got reacquainted during a 1999 alumni event in St. Louis. They are now married with twin daughters.

Larry Handlin ’93 and Jennifer Ascher ’93 were friends in college but never romantically linked. Five years after graduation they returned separately for their reunion.

“I was living in St. Louis and he was going to Washington University, and a couple of different people were telling us we both lived there,” Ascher recalls. “We did the phone number exchange and said we should get together. But we didn’t.”

Ascher kept Handlin’s number, however, and looked it up when she received an invitation to an alumni event at the home of Jeanne Lamear Luther ’74 and Kim Luther ’72.

“I called Larry up and we went to a party that one of his friends was having and then went to the Cornell alumni party. We were engaged six months later and married one year later.”

The twins, Elinor and Beatrice, arrived on Sept. 26, shortly before the couple’s second anniversary.

Ascher says she never would have predicted it: “Dating definitely was not the intention when we got together to go to the alumni event.”

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