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How do you spell

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“Think sesquicentennial,” Alumni Board president Mike Conklin ’69 advised a King Chapel audience during the Homecoming Alumni Convocation. “We already are hard at work planning a full year of events and activities for the 2003–04 school year, and before the celebration is over, it is my personal goal that every Cornell alum will at least know how to spell s-e-s-q-u-i-c-e-n-t-e-n-n-i-a-l, even the Delts.

“Any school that reaches 150 years of fulfilling its goal of an enlightened, quality liberal arts education deserves to celebrate. If you don’t think so, I ask you to consider this: Cornell is older than five Big 10 universities, Purdue, Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan State, and the University of Illinois. Cornell is older than MIT and Cal Tech. Cornell is older than Stanford and the University of Chicago. Cornell is older than Iowa State, Drake, and the University of Northern Iowa. Cornell is older than Carleton, St. Olaf, and Macalaster. Cornell is older—and this is one of my favorites—than Cornell University.

“We are a little younger than Coe, but I am positive they cheated.

“Cornell is older than the University of Texas, TCU, and SMU; Cornell is older than the universities of Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas. Cornell is older than UCLA and Southern Cal. Cornell is older than the universities of Florida, Florida State, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Vanderbilt.

“We are almost as old as Paul Scott!!

“The list goes on, but you get the idea: Celebrating your 150th birthday is a big deal.”

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