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Cricket Crescendos

  Campus Digest  

Flute instructor Jan Boland knew she would have to work around train whistles while recording a CD recently in King Chapel with Red Cedar Trio partners John Dowdall, guitar, and David Miller, viola. It turns out there was something else she didn’t plan on.

“Acoustically, this chapel is a heavenly place to record. However, it is beset with certain ‘challenges,’ shall we say!” reported the Red Cedar Chamber Music newsletter. “First, trains toot their whistles and rumble along nearby tracks at unpredictable times, interrupting ‘takes.’ Our recording engineer, Peter Nothnagle, began keeping a chart of train schedules and logged 19 trains in a three-hour period one night!

“What next? A single, seemingly innocent, little cricket began chirping very loudly one night at 2 a.m., providing an unwelcome duet with the flute! … Nothnagle … crept up into the balcony and, using his highly developed listening skills in a new way, located the unfortunate (now deceased) little guy.”

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