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Finally, Symmetry

  Campus Digest  

College Hall's main entrance before (left) and after (right) the door was widened.
It was off-center for 145 years.

College Hall is perhaps the most highly trafficked academic building on campus. Yet after entering its main door hundreds of times, most of us did not notice it was off-center.

In fact, it was the only entrance with just one door; the other three sides of the building had double doors although they were used less frequently.

This slight on the building became obvious during summer construction of the Marie Fletcher Carter Pedestrian Mall, which terminates at College Hall. Speculation is that the off-center door is the result of students, faculty, trustees, and local craftsmen building the structure during 1856-57 based on a pattern book. If you look closely at the brickwork you'll see what we mean.

A second door was added in early fall, widening and centering the main entrance and admitting faculty and students to College Hall in a way that befits its stature.

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