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Then And Now


Dawn Goodlove


President William Fletcher King, speaking to graduates at Baccalaureate on June 9, 1901:

“New opportunities and new conditions confront the new century.
The well-equipped young men and women who start in life at the opening of this golden century step upon a wider arena than any generation of the past. Their horizon takes in the entire rim of the world. Their realm is no longer their native hills, but the wide world; and while they need to love their country and its people none the less, they should love mankind all the more. The new conditions demand large men with large plans. Indeed they demand a new morality, along the old lines but in larger measure. Jane Addams has wisely said: ‘Unless the present situation extends our nationalism into internationalism, unless it has thrust forward our patriotism into humanitarianism, we cannot meet it.’ We are being introduced to something larger than national life, it is world-wide.”

Education professor Richard Peters,speaking to graduates at Commencement on June 2 ,2001:

Commencement 2001

“ If you will allow me a little poetic license and thievery, greet you today at the beginning of your life on the edge of a new frontier. I urge you to consider this new century to be the new West and I urge you to face the dawn of this century as the frontier of imagination and dreams. The old West was one of mountains, wild rivers, violent weather, and dangerous animals. Many of these features still exist in America, but now the call for you is not one of geographic exploration and physical sacrifice, it is the call to make a new life in an entirely innovative way. The edge you stand on is not the edge of civilization but the edge of Space and Ideas. It is this frontier that must be conquered by imagination and dreams. Free land may be exhausted,but we have yet to tap your imagination.”

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