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From Mill To Hill


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Lincoln Prize Remarks.
Fehrenbacher memorial drawing from publication.

“I began the day by working eight final hours at the wire mill. Then I hurried home, changed clothes, seized my already-packed suitcase, and hitchhiked the 100 miles to Mount Vernon, Iowa, arriving in time to attend the president’s reception for new students. The wonder of that sudden transfer from the gray factory world of my fathers to a beautiful hilltop campus of the liberal arts remains vividly with me. The Cornell of those years is forever bathed in a glow of remembered happiness, especially so as the place where I fell in love with the right girl and with the academic way of life.”

Remarks by Don E. Fehrenbacher ’44, upon accepting the Lincoln Prize in 1997, recently printed for the first time by Gettysburg College. Fehrenbacher, a Stanford professor and Lincoln
authority, died five months after receiving the prize.

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