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Mary Boone


If The Rock twists a knee or Chyna bruises a rib, it’s up to Dr. Jeffrey Unger ’74 to patch them up and get them back into the ring. As consulting physician to the World Wrestling Federation for the past 8 years, Unger has treated most of the sport’s biggest stars.

“Wrestlers are different because when they get hurt they still have to wrestle. I’ve seen these guys wrestle with broken bones, broken ribs, even a broken neck,” says Unger. “My job is to fix them up so they can make their appearance. The trick is to make them look good enough that no one knows they’re hurt.”

A longtime wrestling fan, Unger volunteers his services to the WWF. His payment comes in seeing the fun his four children, ages 2 to 19, have arriving at matches in WWF stars’ limos. He’s also had his moments in the spotlight, being pulled into the ring to do battle during numerous pay-per-view events.

“Knowing these guys is a riot,” says Unger. “When we go to Florida we like to go out to dinner with The Hulk. This guy actually orders crab but he doesn’t use a crab cutter–he just crushes it with his bare hands. It’s amazing.”

When he’s not tending to grapplers, Unger serves as the director of the Chino Medical Group Diabetes and Headache Intervention Centers in Chino, Calif., and is one of the nation’s leading experts on the use of continuous glucose sensing and insulin pump therapy in the treatment of diabetes.

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