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Oh, The Place They'll Go


Dee Ann Rexroat '82

Student marshal Brian Kemper (Loveland, Colo.) leads senior Brooke Walsh (Cordell, Okla.) and her classmates into King Chapel for baccalaureate services. The Class of 2000’s post-graduate plans include teaching art in Lenox, Iowa, and English with the Peace Corps in Moldova; working at Bank One in Chicago; and graduate school, which 65 percent of Cornell graduates pursue.
Pakistani sisters Roohi and Roshan Iqbal participated in the baccalaureate service, with Roshan reading in Arabic from the Koran. Their mother came from Pakistan and their aunt (seen here embracing Roohi) from Canada to see them receive their degrees.
From left: Joey Arroyo (Chicago), Chao-Ling Wu (Houston), Anthony Ricchiuto (Burbank, Ill.), and Katrina Pielli (Post Falls, Idaho) were among 186 graduates receiving degrees at commencement.



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