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Adoption Insight

  Letters to the Editor  

Thank you for your insight on adoption in the winter 2003 issue. My daughter gave up her son for adoption in 1975. When they were reunited last year, her son, Ed, found out he has three full brothers and she found out she is a grandmother.

The past 16 months have been wonderful. Ed is so much like his grandfather and uncle. His adoptive mother passed away 10 years ago of breast cancer and he does not see his adoptive father. Recently he began feeling comfortable enough to call my daughter “mom.”

I realize the subject of adoption can be thought about in several different ways. Some adoptive parents do not want their wonderful child to look for or meet birth parents and others think it is a good idea. Ed’s mom told him that he was adopted and always said she would help him find his birth mom. Ed said just before his mother died, she told him again to go and find his birth mother. I am so glad he did, for I never would have known about my beautiful greatgranddaughter, Laura. Selfishly, this is a happy ending to our story and put to rest Julie’s wondering about her firstborn son. Ed says he has had a good life and is glad to meet, know, and love the mother who loved him enough to find a happy home for him.

Caryl Chenot Davis ’56
Homewood, Ill.

Multiracial resource

The article on adoption in the winter 2003 Cornell Report was a wonderful feature, and after reading it I was inspired to send information about the MAVIN Foundation. MAVIN is the nation’s leading organization celebrating mixed-race people and families. It is a resource for parents who have adopted children of different nationalities and who may have no idea of the issues facing their children in American society. This is an important and relevant issue and I was delighted to see your coverage of it. For more information, see

Karin Neff
Bozeman, Mont.

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