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Psychology majors - where are they now?

  Barbara Lau  
This list, culled from college records and the Web site (, represents some of Cornell’s alumni who majored in psychology.

Cammy Watkins ’02 is a family advocate with the Child & Family Development Corporation in Omaha, Neb.

Amy Roberts-Kleiner ’97 is enrolled in a PhD program in counseling psychology at Indiana University.

Alana Botinelli ’96 is a health educator with the Peace Corps in a village in the mountains of Morocco, North Africa.

Shawn Henning ’96 is a software tester for Microsoft Corp. in Seattle.

Chris Johnson ’96 is director of intercultural life at Cornell College.

Polina Wu Cheng ’94 is a sports psychology officer for the Hong Kong Sports Development Board.

Eric Assaba ’93 has been a research assistant at Harvard Medical School on a major study of schizophrenia.

Deidra Schleicher ’93 is an assistant professor of industrial and organizational psychology at Tulsa State University.

Jonathan Stadler ’93 completed a PhD in psychopharmacology at Vanderbilt University and is a visiting professor at Fisk University in Nashville.

Christine Ward ’93 received a PhD in social psychology and is vice president of a pharmaceutical marketing research firm in Manhattan.

Brenda Lovstuen ’92 is director of counseling at Cornell College.

Mike McLane ’92 completed a doctoral degree, served a postdoctoral fellowship in Boston, and is a psychologist at the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas.

Debra Eihacker Zingg ’89 is a health care representative with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Redmond, Wash.

Tanja Kozicky ’88 is a district judge in St. Paul, Minn.

Sasha Peterson Mudlaff ’88 is director of Hamilton’s Academy of Grief and Loss in Des Moines, Iowa. She co-authored Molly’s Mom Died, Sam’s Dad Died, and A Terrible Thing Happened.

Brian Ruggeberg ’88 completed a PhD at Old Dominion University and is an industrial/organizational consultant for a firm in New York City.

Rollie Lobsinger ’86 is vice president of development and operations with the Mid-America Housing Partnership (MAHP) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Brian J. Sanders ’80 is an associate professor of psychology at Drake University.

Terry Mason ’77 is director of counseling services at Iowa State University.

Mark Weston ’74 is national manager, strategic initiatives, for Apple Computer.

Daryl Boness ’72 is a research zoologist and head of the research department at the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C.

Clair Cramer ’70 is chief of the policy bureau at the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance.

Helen Gough Hall ’70 is a family nurse practitioner specializing in pediatrics and co-author of Parenting Guidelines: A Mini-Guide for Cooperation Between Parents and Children.

Steven C. Hall ’70 is professor of pediatric anesthesia and anesthesiologist-in-chief at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and associate chair of the department of anesthesiology and critical care at Northwestern University Medical School.

James E. Lawler ’67 is head of the psychology department at the University of Tennessee. He has received a National Institutes of Health Career Development award for his research.

Sara Baldwin Holmes ’65 is senior health educator at the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor.

Robert B. Holmes ’64 is assistant vice president for academic affairs at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

David Knutson ’64 is a certified financial planner in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Brian Klepinger ’60 is executive vice president of the Denver Zoo.

Philip Beal ’57 is a retired United Methodist missionary.

Craig Sidles ’56 is a professor emeritus of educational psychology and a licensed psychologist at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

John Tisdale ’54 is professor of psychology emeritus at Cedar Crest College, Allentown, Pa.

Ernest R. Larsen ’51 is an industrial/organizational psychologist in Jacksonville, Fla.

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