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From Abbe Creek to e-portfolios

  Mary Russell Curran  

Education majors-where are they now?
This partial list of alumni who majored in education was culled from college records and the education department Web site (

Rob Ash '73 is head football coach at Drake University.
Emily Barbuto '00 teaches second grade at the American International School in Egypt. She received the Brian Bernard Award for Excellence in Teaching (2000).
Katie Barker '01 teaches second grade in Aurora, Colo.
Eunice Boardman '47 helped develop one of the few approaches to elementary music education conceived and applied in the United States.
David Brilliant '91 is an assistant elementary school principal in Colorado Springs, Colo.
Jane Ellen Christy '00 is an art teacher in the Marshall Islands.
Andrew Craig '99 teaches biology at Mount Vernon (Iowa) High School.
Suzi Cucchetti '00 spent a year in Germany on a Fulbright grant and now teaches German at Corliss High School in Chicago.
Andrea Molkenbur Dibble '94 is a fourth-grade teacher at Solon, Iowa.
David Dude '96 teaches math at Davenport (Iowa) Central High School.
Mindy Kruckenberg Eckhardt '91 teaches high school Spanish in the Center Point-Urbana (Iowa) school district.
Amanda Edwards '99 teaches second grade at Paul Norton Elementary School in Bettendorf, Iowa.
Shane Ehresman '93 is associate principal at Marion (Iowa) High School.
Jeff Gall '76 is professor of social studies at Truman State University, Kirksville, Mo. He has received state and national teaching awards.
Steven Goodall '87 is an associate principal at Linn-Mar High School in Marion, Iowa.
Sarah Hauser '97 teaches high school art in the Dallas school district.
Roohi Iqbal '00 teaches at the American School in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Annel Justiano '95 teaches K-5 bilingual education in Villa Park, Ill.
Helen Smith Kidwell '67 was listed by Mirabella magazine as one of its 1,000 "Women for the '90s" and won a Disney American Teacher Award.
Kelly Remakel Kirkpatrick '92 is an eighth-grade teacher in San Diego. She was previously awarded an $85,000 grant from the Colorado Department of Education.
Kanesha Lee '94 is a Spanish teacher at Thornridge High School, Dolton, Ill.
Ruth Haberman Martin '66 chairs the social studies department at James Madison Memorial High School in Madison, Wis.
Mark McDermott '95 teaches at Iowa City West High School and coaches girls' basketball.
James McPherrin '77 has taught AP European history and world history for 23 years at Glenbrook (Ill.) North High School.
Gail Parker Mehlan '74 is a bilingual teacher in Schaumburg, Ill.
Joan Frick Molera '87 is assistant principal at Nogales (Ariz.) High School.
Jan Cedarholm Moore '92 teaches fourth grade at Mount Vernon, Iowa.
Cory Ort '97 is a chemistry and physics teacher at Highland Park, Texas.
Annie Gregory Reneau '97 is an English teacher at the ACC English School in Japan. She received the Gast Award in secondary education.
Chae Couser Rice '94 is the music teacher for Summit School, a private K-8 school in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Christiana Roccaforte '98 is a high school English teacher at Lee's Summit, Mo.
Jeff Schwiebert '81 has been named superintendent of the Mount Vernon (Iowa) school district, effective July 1.
Nicole Sirbu '01 teaches first grade in Jefferson County, Colo.
Cherie Connell Stolze '99 teaches French at an all-girls Catholic High School in St. Louis.
Lynn Thomas '71 is marketing manager for the Groves Dictionary of Music in New York.
Jerry Van Dyke '74 is principal of Linn-Mar High School in Marion, Iowa.
Mark Weston '74 is national manager, strategic initiatives, for Apple Computer, shaping Apple's involvement in education throughout the United States.

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