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Woman In Charge


Junior Monica Davis is the resident assistant living with 22 first-year men in Rorem. “They feel more open talking to me about things like homesickness,” she says.

Last year facial night was the most popular activity resident assistant Monica Davis scheduled for her floor. Organizing activities is a little different this year with 22 male residents in Rorem Hall. “I didn’t do facials,” says the junior from Keokuk, Iowa, “but we did have a March Madness event.”

Many of the first-year men are athletes, including nine football players.
Most of them say they see Davis first as their RA, rather than as a woman.

Davis agrees that they treat her respectfully, but says they do let their guards down, such as to “show me the things they shop for like a girl would.” She says she has assumed a “mom” role on the floor and is the resident fashion consultant.

In 1978 Cornell broke the gender barrier by offering co-ed dorms. Today Cornell students have the option of living in single-sex dorms, in buildings that mix men’s and women’s floors/wings, or in halls that house men and women together on the same floor. This is the first year women resident assistants are in charge of men’s floors.

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