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That's Entertainment!


During the past year Cornell's Performing Arts & Activities Council sponsored a climbing wall at Summer Slam.

An eclectic mix of performers and programs keeps Cornell students entertained. Some of the most popular events this year have been a concert by rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot; juggler Mad Chad Taylor, whose props included chainsaws and bowling balls; Casino Night; a chance to make a music video; a midnight showing of the cult film “Rocky Horror Picture Show”; and a creative dating lecture by Cleveland radio personality Maria Farina, followed by a raffle of date-oriented items.

Students on the Performing Arts & Activities Council (PAAC) sift through dozens of promotionals received daily. PAAC works
with an annual budget of more than $50,000, which is allocated by Student Senate and funded by mandatory student activity fees.

“We look for diversity in programming,” says senior Andrea Wirth, PAAC chair. “We had a rap concert this year because we’d never had one. We’ll have a female vocalist (Barbara Bailey Hutchison in April) because the campus wants one.”

Rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot created a stir because of his sexist lyrics, so an open forum was held prior to the performance, and even Sir Mix-A-Lot called in some comments.


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