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Women's Studies has critical impact over 20 years

  By Deidre Rosenfield '96  












Where are they now?

This list, culled from college records, is a sampling of alumni who have majored or minored in women’s studies since the program began in 1984.

Laura Arnold ’04 lives in New York City and is an editorial assistant at HarperCollins Children’s Books.

Kristi Robinson-Bontrager ’92 is coordinator of public relations at the University of Iowa Libraries.

Nolwazi Buthelezi ’94 is a counselor at Community Counseling Centers of Chicago.

Melissa Case ’99 is assistant coordinator of the teen REACH program at the Shawnee Adolescent Health Center in Carbondale, Ill.

Jenna Davis ’01 is a technical information analyst at the American Psychological Association in Washington, D.C.

Jane Dohrmann ’88 is a social worker at Iowa City Hospice.

Kristin Nelson Echelbarger ’91 is an emergency room nurse at Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville, Ga.

Joan Froehle ’94 is director of the teen outreach program for Land of Lakes Girl Scouts Council at Waite Park, Minn.

Staci Gurin ’96 is an attorney specializing in retirement plan administration in the Kansas City area.

Sarah Hauser ’97 is an art curator at Art Bar in Dallas.

Bani Kinnison ’97 owns Gypsy Magic Inc. in Iowa City.

Robyn Krause ’02 works for Burnham Nationwide Inc. in Chicago.

Marie-Jeanne Lavigne ’88 is a social worker for the Anchorage Center for Families in Alaska.

Kari Olson Lleva ’89 is placement manager at St. Paul Rehabilitation Center in Minnesota.

Allison Lohr ’01 is a case manager for Janus Youth Programs in Portland, Ore.

Reg Williams Morgan ’89 is a trainer at Borders Books & Music in Fort Worth, Texas.

Jennifer Morris ’97 of West Jordan, Utah, works as an administrative assistant.

Laura Nelson ’94 is an attorney in Denver.

Anna Norstedt ’02 is the Read! Read! Read! coordinator at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minn.

Jennifer Peck ’91 of Dixon, N.M., is a multisystemic therapist.

Shannon Boyle Pintz ’90 works for Franz Jewelers Ltd. in Northbrook, Ill.

Katherine Strack Schenk ’00 is assistant director for community service at Illinois State University in Normal.

Robin Snyder ’92 is marketing director for First Northern Credit Union in Chicago.

Paige Thompson ’92 is a nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Kelly Thornburg ’99 is a center manager for National Coalition of Abortion Providers and lives in Iowa City.

Amanda Woods ’88 is a family support facilitator for the Modesto (Calif.) City Schools.

All images are from a collection of paper dolls from the Whitman® Publishing Company.

Recommended Reading

Cornell’s women’s studies faculty recommends the following books to Cornell alumni:

Evans, Sara. Born for Liberty (1997). Tidal Wave:
How Women Changed America at Century’s End (2003). New York: Free Press.

Howe, Florence. (Ed.). The Politics of Women’s Studies: Testimony of Thirty Founding Mothers (2000). New York: Feminist Press.

Anzaldúa, Gloria. Borderlands/ La Frontera (2nd ed.) (1999). San Francisco: Aunt Lute Books.

Baumgardner, Jennifer, & Richards, Amy. Grassroots: A Field Guide for Feminist Activism (2005). New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Bornstein, Kate. My Gender Workbook: How To Become a Real Man, or a Real Woman, the Real You, or Something Else (1997). New York: Routledge.

de Beauvoir, Simone. The Second Sex (1953/1993). New York: Knopf.

Hernández, Daisy & Rehman, Bushra, (Eds.). Colonize This! Young Women of Color on Today’s Feminism (2002). New York: Seal Press.

hooks, bell. Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center (2nd ed.) (2000). Boston: South End Press.

Jagose, Annamarie. Queer Theory: An Introduction (1997). New York: New York University Press.

Muscio, Inga. Cunt: A Declaration of Independence (2nd ed.) (2002). New York: Seal Press.

Fiction and Poetry
Atwood, Margaret. The Handmaid’s Tale (1985). Boston: Houghton Miffl in.

Hurston, Zora Neale. Their Eyes Were Watching God (1990). New York: Perennial Library.

Piercy, Marge. Woman on the Edge of Time (1976). New York: Knopf.

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