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Letters to the Editor


Skimpy coverage

I was severely disappointed in the spring 2003 Cornell Report. The cover was the first disappointment. I expected to see a scene from the new art building, McWethy Hall, but instead was confronted by a photo of a basketball player. I knew there was going to be a story about McWethy and the art department because I was photographed in my studio for it. I was given the impression that the art building was going to be the feature story. However, I was shocked to see that the feature story was about athletics. Athletics receives enough attention without being the feature story in the Cornell Report. The art department received a newly renovated and beautiful building costing millions of dollars that was to raise the level of the department and encourage more art students to attend Cornell, yet it did not even receive a significant article. The crowded threepage coverage with small photos did no justice to what the art department and the new building have to offer. And it was disappointing that a very unique aspect of our art department, the private studios and senior art shows, were not emphasized either. You can talk about athletics any time of the year, but how often is it the inaugural year of a million dollar art building?

Kimberley Mersman ’03
Garnett, Kansas


Having spent the first 10 years of my life living in that modest city in Wyoming, my antennae become alert whenever I see the name “Laramie” in print. My attention was thereby captured by the photographs and the piece concerning the “Laramie Project.” As was most of the country, I was shocked by the event upon which the documentary is based, particularly because of my early residence and the fact that my mother and several uncles and cousins attended the University of Wyoming. I assume that it is a sympathetic treatment of the terrible crime perpetrated against young Matthew Shepard. Indeed, I can visualize the prairie where the fence upon which he was so brutally suspended lies.

I am a remnant of that large contingent of WWII veterans who descended on college and university campuses at a time when we did not “ask” or “tell” and in fact hardly discussed the matter of sexual preference. Inasmuch as human nature has not changed in this regard from at least the times of ancient Greece, I am sure that the “closet” about which we have heard so much in recent years existed everywhere, including our beloved Hilltop. Congratulations to the theater department for this brave undertaking.

John Stouffer ’51
East Greenwich, RI

Recommended reading

I appreciated the article about psychology at Cornell and the “recommended reading” list in that article. I am a chaplain at Children's Hospital in Denver. My focus is with children who have cancer and their families, along with neuro, ortho, and rehab. I will pick up a couple of the books on the list that looked interesting. There is only one that I had read!

The Rev. Alan Johnson ’65

A-Z book delivers

Congratulations to Charles Milhauser for the excellent book on Cornell College and its history and development through the first 150 years. Being associated with Cornell for 40 years, as a student from 1963 to 1967 and the 36 years after graduation, it is unbelievable how much one does not know about the background of the institution.

Obviously, Mr. Milhauser, with valuable assistance from Dee Ann Rexroat, spent a great deal of time and effort to research and develop this book, both the text and photographs.

I feel that this book should be part of the materials received by all new students entering Cornell College. Any current Cornell students and alums who have not purchased this excellent book should be encouraged to do so, as it will certainly add to their enjoyment and knowledge of the college.

Thank you Mr. Milhauser for your book, for all of the students who have passed through Cornell ... not the one in New York.

Skip Eikleberry ’67
Algonquin, Ill.


Marge Littell Schmiel ’41 and Ed Schmiel ’43 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary shortly before his death in 1998.

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