Faculty/Staff News

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A four-volume 1,280-page "Encyclopedia of Global Resources," edited by Craig Allin (politics), was published by Salem Press. He is the author of articles within this set on "Wilderness and Wilderness Preservation" and "The Wilderness Act of 1964." This general reference replaces a three-volume "Encyclopedia of Natural Resources," edited by Allin and Mark Coyne (University of Kentucky) and published in 1998.

Barbara Christie-Pope (biology) coauthored a paper titled "TNF-alpha and Microglial Hormetic Involvement in Neurological Health and Migraine," along with Richard Kraig '71, Heidi Mitchell, Phillip Kinkler, David White, Y-Ping Tand and George Langan in the departments of neurology, psychiatry, and surgery at The University of Chicago. The paper will be published this spring in the journal Dose-Response.

Chris Conrad (economics and business) has volunteered to work on the Advanced Finance and Enterprise Risk Management exam committee for the Society of Actuaries. His work includes drafting questions as well as grading the exams after administration.

Sandra Dyas (art and art history) had her photograph "Radiant Child" featured by The Center for Fine Art Photography in an exhibition. The Center for Fine Art Photography's exhibition, "Black and White," was on display in August and September. Dyas' photograph was also used in the center's news release.

Becki Elkins (institutional research and assessment) attended the annual convention of ACPA-College Student Educators International. She co-presented four sessions: "Addressing Difficult Assessment Ethics," "Thinking Innovatively about Research Positions and Opportunities," "Great Focus Group! But, What about all the Notes?" and "Class Matters: Social Class Identity in Student Affairs." She continues to serve as chair of ACPA's Commission for Assessment and Evaluation.

Rebecca Entel (English and creative writing) presented "'Success in Circuit': Finding the Slant in Undergraduate Fiction" at the annual conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP).

Melinda Green (psychology) co-authored two manuscripts with her research team of Cornell students. One manuscript is a comparative analysis of body dissatisfaction as a function of gender and sexual orientation. This manuscript, a research project co-authored by Chris Davids '10, has received a "revise and resubmit" in a special issue of Sex Roles devoted to the study of body image.

John Gruber-Miller (classical and modern languages), is editor of a new peer-reviewed journal dedicated to Latin and Greek pedagogy, Teaching Classical Languages. In March, the "Standards for Latin Teacher Preparation" was published; John was a member of the ACL-APA Joint Task Force that wrote the standards. At the annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, he presented a paper, "Rape and Comedy in Terence's Eunuch," informed by his Latin 205 students' production of the play.

Leslie Hankins (English and creative writing) presented a paper sharing archival explorations, "Newsreels of the Suffragettes and 'Moving Picture Versions of Famous Novels': Holographs of Virginia Woolf's 'The Movies' in the Berg Collection & Archival Films from the MoMA Film Studies Center and British Film Institute" at the Virginia Woolf Conference at Fordham University in New York.

Santhi Hejeebu (economics and business) gave an invited lecture at Newham College, Cambridge University, in the United Kingdom. Her talk, titled "Mixed Blessings: Consequences of State Lending on the East India Company," was part of an international conference on the historical role of state policies in the development of private, capital markets.

Michelle Herder (history) presented a paper, "Slaves in the Cloister," at the annual meeting of the Mid-America Medieval Association at Conception Abbey, Missouri.

Heidi Levine (dean of students) has been elected vice president (president-elect) of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA). ACPA is one of two national student affairs professional associations.