From the editor

Despite Facebook, Class News still No. 1

I'm sure you've already noticed—this issue of the Cornell Report is in a new, more compact format. To keep the magazine fresh and timely, we asked honorary alumna Robyn Hepker, the Cornell Report's longtime designer, for an update. But we didn't overhaul it completely, since Cornellians taking our recent magazine survey rated design as one of the Cornell Report's strengths. We hope you'll find it familiar, but better, too.

Your survey answers will shape upcoming issues as we continue to mine survey data and your many individual comments. With 466 Cornellians participating, and the ability to compare results with those of other liberal arts colleges, there was a lot to chew on. So what did we learn and how does our readership compare to that of other college magazines?

First, we learned some things don't change. Class News is still No. 1 in content. Other things are shifting. More and more readers depend on the college's website for updates now, as you might expect. We'd like Cornellians to glean even more information from the website. Compared to other liberal arts colleges that administered the national survey from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, Cornellians depend more heavily on the print magazine than other forms of college communications. Remember, it's often the very same staff curating content for the college website, the Alumni e-News, Facebook, and the Cornell Report. So if you like one, you may like the others.

Inside Higher Ed reported earlier this year that many colleges participating in this survey discovered younger grads are less engaged with their alumni magazines. This may be because young alums keep up with classmates through Facebook, or they are more likely to follow news on the college website. Cornellians age 25–34 skewed only slightly in this direction. Class News was the No. 1 item of interest even among our youngest alums. I'd like to offer a shout-out to our class agents for helping provide so much of the captivating Class News content.

We hope you'll continue to provide feedback and letters to the editor as we strive to keep the Cornell Report compelling in the digital age, both in print and online.