Alumni Photo Gallery

Mini reunion

A group of alumni from the '50s and their spouses met in Milwaukee in June for a mini-reunion.
Back row: John Conde '51, Jim Wasta '52, Jim Bidle, Bob Duffus
Front row: Barbara Jackson Tade '52, Sara Baird Conde '52, Barbara Frey Duffus '52, Jo Goetz Wasta '52, Jo Shearer Bidle '52

Class of 1960

Class of 1960
Row 1: Sonia Berst Young Wegner, Judy Hesler Jorgensen, Kay Kuchel, Kay Chaplin Saelens, Rae Templeman Williams, Joyce Winegarden Templeman, Lois Westerberg Gaskin, Darlene Specht Kellogg, Rosemary Christensen Jaytanie
Row 2: Sharon Bell Peterson, Barbara Sterling Backman, Emily Seeland State, Virginia Klontz Shoemaker, Ann Pollnow Oswald, Barb Nelson Keck, Grace Allen Butler, Mev Wooderson Richardson, Sandy Brown O'Brein, Carolyn Winslow Miller, Jean Pinegar LeMar, Donna Robinson Wolmutt, Cindy Cracker Carpenter, Patricia Lidrich Brown
Row 3: Bill Petersen, Richard Snyders, Bill Lehnhardt, Kay Stout Bebout, Ron Campbell, Jim Bloom, James Willis, Ron Stavoe, Gary Smith, Don Utrocka,
Row 4: Lee Chamberlain, Bob Slater, Denny O'Brien, Bill Keck, Paul Dude, Chuck Schneider, Don Rhoads, Keith North, Terry Smith, Jim Gass
Row 5: Gary Jorgensen, Don Butterfield, George Phelps, Bill Robison, Tony Stevens, Lee Swanson, Gary Thompson, Gordon Thoren, Dave Conaway, Larry Mitchell, Harland Shields

Milt mini reunion

A group of Milt alums from '69 and '70 and their wives got together for a mini-reunion in Wheaton, Ill. in October. After dinner, the group went to Effinger's to swap Cornell stories.
Front row: Ruth Selby Shargo '70, Carol Fair Mishler '70, Lon Mishler '69, honorary alumna Diane Conklin, and Mike Conklin '69
Back row: Rose Effinger, Jim Effinger '69, Linda Gable Watson '70, Bob Watson '69, and Nick Shargo '70

Bob Lund '70, Tom Shives '70, and Tim Willis '70 met at Tom's Rochester, Minn., home in July and talked by speaker phone with Art Ushijima '70.

Mary Elliot '98 (left) and RJ Holmes-Leopold '99 (right) were on hand when Patricia Enos '70 received a distinguished alumni award at The University of Iowa graduate programs in student affairs' 50th anniversary banquet on June 5 in Iowa City.