Letters to the editor

Timing right for online Honor Roll

I recently received a postcard announcing that you’d no longer be printing the Annual Report & Honor Role of Donors, putting an electronic version in its place. I wanted to tell you that this is a great idea, and that I hope that you’ll extend this practice to the Cornell Report and other college publications.

I know it’s valuable (and beautiful) to print glossy versions of the magazines, and I look forward to getting them several times a year. But I feel guilty about all the resources that go into printing and shipping a magazine that I might spend an hour with before tossing it into the recycling bin. On balance, then, I’d prefer to receive an e-mail or postcard every time a new Report comes out, with a link or information on accessing the electronic version of the publication.

I imagine that a large part of the alumni community would be annoyed if you took away their hard copies of the Cornell Report. Maybe you could accommodate everyone by allowing individuals to opt out of physical mailings.

Thanks for the good work you do. It’s nice to be reminded on occasion of what’s happening on the Hilltop.

Boone B. Gorges ’02
Brooklyn, NY

Keep printing Cornell Report

I appreciate that Cornell has gone green and moved to an online-only Annual Report & Honor Roll of Donors. However, I am glad you will continue to print the Cornell Report. While I can understand why it makes sense financially and environmentally, I have to let you know that I have received much joy from reading the Cornell Report. I think it is one of the most impressive publications of its kind. I receive similar reports from other colleges and none stack up to the Cornell Report.

Judy Akre ’78
Clive, Iowa

Editor’s note:

We plan to continue printing the Cornell Report, which has been on the Web since 2000, and are intrigued by the possibility of allowing readers to opt for the online version. We are aware that the online version of the Honor Roll was not optimal for viewing. It will be redesigned for 2009.

Brown Bomber returns

I was very honored to see The Brown Bomber featured in the latest edition of the Cornell Report. It warms my heart when I look back and realize that B.B. made his publication debut within the pages of The Cornellian back in 1976. Two years ago I celebrated his 30th anniversary with a party in Portland, and it has been so gratifying to look back on what has turned out to be a very rich history. I truly acknowledge Cornell as playing a major part in that legacy. I’m looking forward to the publication of a book I’m working on called The LifeCapsule Project and B.B.’s history at Cornell will also be chronicled there.

Rupert Kinnard ’79
Portland, Ore

Editor’s note: Rupert Kinnard is the creator of The Brown Bomber comic strip.

Brown Bomber

Chapel, OCAAT coverage balanced

I just read the fall 2008 edition of Cornell Report cover to cover and want to extend congratulations on a terrific edition. The feature article on King Chapel struck just the right balance of the history and spirit of this vitally important structure with the present realities of the need for repairs. I also very much appreciated encompassing both the past and the present with One-Course-At-A-Time. A suggestion for perhaps a future article would be on the Teaching and Learning Center at the library and how helpful that Center is to the students as they rise to the challenge of OCAAT. I was better able to understand how it is possible to learn mathematics in the time span of OCAAT after a conversation last February with a student who told me about the important help she received from the mathematics section at the Learning Center.

Mary Miller Retzer ’65
The Sea Ranch, Calif.

Do you know this man?

The cover story on King Chapel in the fall 2008 issue includes a photo of Frank Lloyd Wright with a man identified as Dean Jay MacGregor. But was it Clyde “Toppy” Tull who was strolling the campus with Wright? We’ve been debating that since we heard from one of Tull’s former students. (Tull taught English at Cornell from 1927 to 1947.) The MacGregor family, including Mary MacGregor ’45 and John MacGregor ’67, report they think it is probably Tull.

If you have knowledge about Wright's escort, plaease share your insight with Cornell Report Editor Dee Ann Rexroat.

Wright and ?

Frank Lloyd Wright and ???


The obituary on Bill Nardini ’51 listed an incorrect number of children. He had three children and two stepchildren.