Faculty/Staff News

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Addison Ault, professor of chemistry, has had four papers published in the Journal of Chemical Education: “The Meaning of Meso,” “Frank Westheimer’s Early Demonstration of Enzymatic Specificity,” “Representing Fractional Distributions in Chemistry;” and “Percy Julian, Robert Robinson, and the Identity of Eserethole.”

Robert Dana, English professor emeritus (1954–1994) and Iowa Poet Laureate, published his latest book of poetry, The Other (Anhinga Press, 2008). He read at the Cornell faculty-staff opening dinner in August.

Carol Zerbe Enns, professor of psychology, received the Heritage Award, given by the Society for the Psychology of Women (division of the American Psychological Association) “for distinguished, longstanding, and substantial contributions to feminist practice.”

Laura Farmer, director of the writing studio, had a book review published in Dossierjournal.com, a new literary/art magazine published out of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Robert Givens, professor of history, spent the fall semester as a Fulbright scholar at the School of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University, Russia. On Oct. 28 he was one of the discussants at a press conference organized by the Russian publisher of Barack Obama’s Audacity of Hope.

Melinda Green, assistant professor of psychology, and her undergraduate research team published two manuscripts in 2008, including an article titled “Femininity and Eating Disorders” in Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention and “Feminist Identity as a Predictor of Eating Disorder Diagnostic Status” in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.

John Gruber-Miller, professor of modern and classical languages, traveled to Ball State University in August to be a member of the sixperson team that translated the “voice” of the VRoma online learning environment (a virtual send-up of ancient Rome) into classical Latin.

Phillip Lucas, professor of history, published two entries in David Hudson et al., (eds.), The Biographical Dictionary of Iowa: “Marcellus Monroe Crocker” and “Stephen Watts Kearny.” He also published an entry, “Lincoln and the Know- Nothing (American) Party,” in Paul Finkelman et al., (eds.), The Political Lincoln: An Encyclopedia.

Katy Stavreva, associate professor of English, published a book review of Mary Ellen Lamb and Karen Bamford’s essay collection, Oral Traditions and Gender in Early Modern Literary Texts, in the fall 2008 Renaissance Quarterly.